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  سه شنبه چهاردهم آذر 1391
دانلود فیلم Faster   جمعه ششم اسفند 1389
دانلود نرم افزار مرورگر Internet Explorer v9.0.8080.16413IC RC   دوشنبه دوم اسفند 1389
عکسهای Eddie   پنجشنبه بیست و یکم بهمن 1389
model Emmo   چهارشنبه بیستم بهمن 1389
Daybreakers 2009 Mkv - روزشكنها | فیلم ترسناک   چهارشنبه بیستم بهمن 1389
طراحی انیمیشن و بنره GIF با Easy_GIF_Animator_Pro   چهارشنبه بیستم بهمن 1389
ویرایش و افکت گذاری حرفه ای تصاویر با FXhome Photokey 4 Pro Final   چهارشنبه هفدهم آذر 1389
کد تقلب GTA5   یکشنبه سی ام آبان 1389
مجله ماشین (ماه اکتبر)   شنبه بیست و نهم آبان 1389
  پنجشنبه یکم مهر 1389
دانلود بازی زیبای معروف پرنس پرشیا PRINCE OF PERSIA 5   جمعه بیست و ششم شهریور 1389

دسته بندی: نرم افزار آنتی ویروس | تاريخ: چهارشنبه هجدهم فروردین 1389 | ساعت: 13:47 | نویسنده: میلاد

Keys for Kaspersky [25.03.2010] | 7.3Mb
Keys for Kaspersky - fresh keys for Kaspersky's products on 25.03.2010

The given archive keys to following products enter:
Kaspersky Internet Security 6
Kaspersky Internet Security 7
Kaspersky Internet Security 8
Kaspersky Anti-Virus 5
Kaspersky Anti-Virus 6
Kaspersky Anti-Virus 7
Kaspersky Anti-Virus 8
Kaspersky Anti-Virus 9
Kaspersky penSpace Security
Kaspersky Anti-Virus for WKS*FS
Kaspersky Internet Gateway
Kaspersky OpenSpace Security

How to cause Kaspersky's activation 2010 through a key:
1) we Come in the manager of licenses - It is activated the new license (to remove before old licenses)
2) To activate by means of a code 3G79H-74355-DBPC8-4VX4Y
3) To wait messages on a mistake
4) Below in a window to press "review" and to choose a key file
5) To press to activate

How to remove a key?
» For versions 5.0.xxx Support-> License keys-> To remove
» For versions 6.0.x.xxx-> the Information on the license-> To remove Service
» For versions 7.0.x.xxx Activation-> To remove a key
» For versions 8.0.x.xxx the License-> To unite/remove
» For versions 9.0.x.xxx the License-> To remove (a red dagger opposite to number of a key)

How to add a key?
» For versions 5.0.xxx Support-> License keys-> To add
» For versions 6.0.x.xxx-> the Information on the license-> To add Service
» For versions 7.0.x.xxx Activation-> To establish a key
» For versions 8.0.x.xxx the License-> To activate the appendix-> To activate by means of a key
» For versions 9.0.x.xxx the License-> To activate the new license-> To activate the commercial version-> enter this st8n6-k6zet-tjwfh-xm5rj a code of activation-> after unsuccessful check in a floor " a file of a key " we specify a way to under the reference below a working key.

In what version there is no " black list " keys?
» In versions KAV 4.5 (Personal, Pro, Wks, FS) and KAV Personal 5.0.xxx (till 5.0.227 inclusive).

I have a key. How to receive some particulars about it?
» It is necessary to use the utility keyview.exe. The attention should be turned on Expire date, and Program Name

Whether it is possible to use the same key on many computers in a local network?
» It is possible in versions 5.0.xxx. In versions 6.0.xxx there are more 2 computers in a network with one number.

What compatibility of keys?
» The key from KAV 6 approaches to KAV 6, KAV 7, KAV 8 (2009)
» The key from KAV 7 approaches to KAV 7, KAV 8 (2009), KAV 9 (2010)
» The key from KIS 6 approaches to KIS 6, KSI 7, KSI 8 (2009)
» The key from KIS 7 approaches to KIS 7, KIS 8 (2009), KIS 9 (2010)

Installation Fix'?:
1. Open window KAV/KIS.
2. Click under the reference "Adjustment" (the right top corner of window KAV/KIS).
3. Pass in section "Parameters", remove "daw" from an option " To include self-defense " and press button " ?? ". On an emerging window with the message that protection is disconnected, we do not pay attention and anything in it it is not sticked! Self-defense is disconnected that was possible to make substitution of files in a directory with KAV/KIS, differently the program will not allow to make it.
4. Then it is necessary to finish work of program KAV/KIS (to finish instead of to curtail it in ????, be necessarily convinced of it!). To finish work of the program it is possible having clicked in ???? under the pictogram of the program the right button of a mousy and having chosen ???? "Output".
5. Unpack from archive a folder "Skin" in a directory with established KAV/KIS and on inquiry that a folder/files already I exist and whether it is necessary to rewrite them, answer positively.
6. After that start KAV/KIS, open a window of the program and click under the reference "Adjustment".
7. Pass in section "Parameters", establish "daw" on an option " To include self-defense " and press button " ?? ".

Installation Fix'? is completed and it is possible to pass to process of activation of the program by a file-key.

Activation by a file-key after installation Fix'?:
1. Open window KAV/KIS.
2. Click under the reference "License" in the bottom of a window.
3. If at you the key it is necessary for removing is already established, having clicked on a red dagger to the right of a key in a window of the manager of licenses and for inquiry about acknowledgement of removal of a key, answer "Yes". If the key earlier was not established, at once pass to item 4.
4. Click by the button " To activate the new license ".
5. Choose item " To activate by means of a key " and press button " Further ".
6. In line " the File of a key " press button " Review ", choose a file-key. If the key is not blocked and intended for this version KAV/KIS you receive the message, that activation has passed successfully. Press button " Finish " and further in the previous window button " Close ".
On it everything, Fix it is established, program KAV/KIS is activated, accordingly the window of an antivirus can be closed.
Fix it is given " as is " and the author does not bear any responsibility for probably done harm of your copy of program KAV/KIS or to a computer!

download file        7.3Mb


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